Be one step ahead of
your partner!
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We believe that relationships is the most important thing in our lives. But sometimes it needs some work and maintenance.

Time goes by, and romance goes too...
That's why we've created Thatday
The app saves your whole romantic history, reminds you about anniversaries and noteworthy dates, suggests you how and where to celebrate them.
What is Thatday?

Who needs Thatday?

thataday для внимательных
The attentives
Who want to save up the brightest moments of their family life.
First date, wedding, child's first steps, family trips - all of them.
thatday поможет не забыть даты
The forgetfuls
Who keeps forgetting anniversaries and important dates.

thatday для занятых
The busy
Who works a lot and doesn't have time for any arrangments.
thatday для влюбленных
The lovers
Who need just an inducement to turn an ordinary evening into a bright event.
thatday зарядит ваши отношения
The drained up
Who needs to refresh their relationship.
What you get from Thatday
The fairy tale, which you never lose and will tell your grandchilds later.
Causes to please and delight your sweetheart.
Step by step instructions to make a surprise.
Events in your city,
which you can visit as a pair on that day.
Free time
While the day is beeing organized by
Download and try it!
Now about details
It can also be just a noteworthy date. 1000 days since your wedding — hardly to count mentally.
Thatday reminds you of anniversaries, but not only
We have a lot of ideas, how to spend a good time with your partner. Definite instructions what to do, and concrete places where to go.
On the certain date:
And a date on a hot-air baloon will be organized for you. Don't waste time searching!

No time? - Order a call
Change the cities!
Another place - different offers. Maybe you should save up some money and fly to Paris. There will be a festival of your darlings's favourite music.
And the best is...
thatday TEAM
Why we created this app?
Mainly we are a male team. It all started with our own stories - forgotten important days for our girlfriends, didn't use to know how to surprise them on that days.

We've searched for ideas, counted days, and then we turned it all into an mobile app. And we loved it!
It helps our friends and ourselves .

We think, that we created something benign and useful .
Ilya Polotsky
CEO & Founder
Victor Krasnov
iOS development
Asif Dzhamalov
Daniil Dittmar
European branch
Max Korshunov
Gleb Shadrin
Backend development
Dmitry Izvolsky
Design & UI
Adam Arie
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Benefits of the app

Everything in one
Never miss an important date,
plan a remarkable evening.
Order a date on the roof of a scyscraper.
Find the best place for celebrating
that important day.
Noteworthy dates
«1000 days since you've married»
— somebody will be surprised!
«777 weeks since the first date»
— a reason to party.
Save your time for organizing an important evening.
Our partners all over the world will undertake that!
You don't have to waste time searching for an idea on the important day. You don't need to think about the details.
Actually you don't need an «important day», to say «I love you».
Let Thatday assist you!
For questions and partnership use the form below
Or write us in the social networks:
It's time to say we're closing Thatday :(
Everything is quite simple - our unit economics does not work.
To create something new, you need to learn how to create and not be afraid to make mistakes. We have come a long way, got our first users, launching on Product Hunt, iOS app, and Telegram bot.
But now we need to move on, now we know better what to do, and most importantly - what not to do!

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