Best Fall Salad Recipe

with delicata squash

Why this is one of the best delicata squash recipes

✔️ main dish salad ✔️ tangy dressing ✔️ sweet & savory


...what you'll need

☐ olive oil ☐ delicata squash  ☐ collards or kale ☐ white balsamic ☐ sliced almonds ☐ parmesan cheese ☐ golden raisins ☐ honey


Thinly slice collards and toss with salt and sugar. Rest for 15 minutes

Recipe Tip

Treating collards with salt and sugar for 15 minutes leaves removes bitterness and leaves them crispy!


Roast delicata squash with olive and salt


In a small bowl, whisk up the tangy lemon dressing


Toss the greens with the shaved parmesan, raisins, almonds and dressing


Add in the roasted delicata and toss again!

Sprinkle over some more shaved parmesan cheese and you've just made the best fall salad recipe!

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