4 freshly new immigrants.
- creator and copywriter
- tech Startup Director
- interior designer
- music producer and composer
We are looking for the apartment in Tel-Aviv
We've made Aliah not a long time ago and are looking where to settle in Tel-Aviv
Who we are
Kirill Kamanin
Creator and copywriter with a huge experience in biggest international companies such as: BBDO, LOWE, EURO RSCG, Orange Created hundreds of ideas for advertisement in digital and on TV Would love to save penguins at the North pole (when the helicopter flies the watch it and fall on their backs and after that they can't stand up without human help)
In my Kindergarten I used to cut the most terrifying snowflakes made of paper
That's me who created dialogs for Russian Fanta characters that's me who promoted one of the most famous beers in Russia That's me who participated in hundreds of festival of Urban culture That's me who's gonna invert the Israeli advertisement That's me who's gonna break the Israeli people with the new type of content on Youtube channel.

28 years
From Moscow
Ilya Polotsky
Full-stack programmer,
Computer Science MA

Founder Thatday.me
CTO и co-founder Pinsteps.com

27 years, in marriage with Indira
From Yekaterinburg
Indira Polotsky
Interior designer
Internship at Antonbronstein.com

I appreciate the comfort and convenience of the premises.
Fun of ergodynamics
Volunteer at Sar-EL
Professional page

23 years, in marriage with Ilya
From Neftekamsk
Stepan Stavissky
Music producer at «SOUNDOTCOM» which sells music on different stock platforms (Pond5, Audiojungle etc.). Music production of some singers and rappers.
The winner of the Atlantic Records Remix Contest, September 2016.


22 years
From St.Petersburg
What we are looking for
3 or 3,5 room apartment
The main thing - 3 rooms, if there is also a salon, that's awesome =)
We have allergy on mold, so we are looking for an apartment in a new building, preferably a high-rise
Purchasing of furniture
If you need to redeem the furniture of previous tenants we have different routes and we will follow our ways separately.
The most important thing
We are looking for an apartment up to 8,000 shekels a month. Accounts may or may not be included in this cost.
The date of settling
We want to be settled on March 25, since we have already bought the tickets
Location we are looking for
We are looking for the apartment in the central
or north Tel Aviv or Giv'Atayim or The Western Ramat-Gan
Why to choose Us
We are quiet
We are not particularly noisy and most of the time we poke into notebooks working.
We are a promising
We are very cool, and we have a great future. You will say in the nearest future that u we the first one who gave them apartment and chance.
We know that some need guarantors. We have them. Both relatives and friends.
Do we know each other
We are friends with each other from Masa program, already lived together and we liked it.
We accept any payment methods, even checks, even transfers to a card or account
We have good professions
There are not going to be any problems with payment
Our timeline
March, 05
March, 05
Launched the thing u are reading now
05.03 – 20.03
05.03 – 20.03
Everyone is sharing this page, we are called by landlords, we choose and look at the apartments
Our friend Stephan arrives to Israel
Ilya and Indira arrives
This is the date we want to already settle
Arrives Kirill
>= 27.03
>= 27.03
We start living
Our contacts
Phones Whatsapp:
+972 584052078 Kirill
+972 586545478 Ilya

Telegram (best idea):

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Scrolled till the end?
If u have any options for us call or text
someone of us immediately
and if not share it pls
If you invest in IT projects
(well, suddenly)
It makes sense to invest
here in these two start-ups:
A platform for travelers,
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