All romance in one
We believe that relationships and marriages are the most important parts of our lives. We have to care about them, make them stronger!

But time goes by and romance in the relationships goes away, too.

That's why we created the application "Thatday.Romantic"
Same evening every day?
Missing anniversaries, forgetting important dates?
A lot of work - no power to make a surprise?
Where can we go on an important day?Cinema or restaurant again?
It seems, that romance is not there anymore, but someones really need it :(
If you don't want this to happen, deligate your needs to our application 'Thatday'.
Something like 1000 days since the wedding can make You happy, also if You can't even count it mentally.
Thatday will remind You of all the dates, not only the anniversaries

We have a lot of ideas, how You can spend your date of where you can go. Instructions and tutorials, what you have to do and have the best time of Your life.
On that day:
And Your day will be organized by us... Date on the roof of a skyscraper? Everything is possible!.
No time? Request a call!
Change the cities!
Use the possibilities to travel around! Maybe You could save up some money and go to Paris? There is a festival of Your favorite music.
And the best is..
Get Your own date, right now!
Download our application for free, start to lead the chronicles of Your life. Get personal presents and offers from our partners.
Presents and special offers from our partners
Which will solve the questions of managing a perfect evening. Only distinct treatment, beginning from a bunch of flowers and ending with the candle light dinner on the roof on a skyscraper!
+49 152 05834408
Trier, Germany

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