Manage your passwords
via Telegram

We believe that Telegram messenger is a right place to store your private data. @passkeepbot (beta)
is a secure bot thathelps you managing your passwords. Never forget a password...
If you don't know what Telegram is – start here with Telegram
First and foremost, security
Like every solution for managing passwords we store them in encrypted form. You have the master pass and pin-code and thus no one but you has access to your passwords. Even we haven't.
It's a bot
So you don't need any additional software, don't need to install anything. You only need Telegram messenger.
Just start conversations with bot @passkeepbot and enjoy.

Works on all Telegram supported devices.
How it works:
First setup your personal pin-code
And now creation, deletion and showing your passwords require this pin-code.
Just like mobile banking.
Create and generate
in inline mode

For security reasons password creation and generation are implemented in inline mode.
Type @passkeepbot in any chat and follow instructions.

- @passkeepbot gmail mypass creates new password with name "gmail"
- @passkeepbot amazon generates human-readable password with name "amazon"

Also you are able to specify length for your password:
@passkeepbot amazon generate 32
Bot inline mode and history
Creating passwords
Password creation goes in inline mode, so the transmitted password does not store anywhere.
Getting passwords
After you enter correct pin code to get
a password, we show it for exactly
10 seconds and then turn it into *********.
Therefore, chat history never contains passwords in the clear.
Get your password easy and quickly
Select the password you need from the list

Auto-complete inline search: just start typing name after @passkeepbot

Or simply send a message with the password name to bot
Simple, secure and quickly manager for your passwords. Free for everyone.
Technology stack
Bot is written in Python 3.5
Code base is stored on
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We use PostgreSQL 9.5 database
Microsoft Azure
Bot runs in Azure infrastrucure
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